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The Danger Zone- Fake Mega Magnezone by DubiousDerringer The Danger Zone- Fake Mega Magnezone by DubiousDerringer
Mega Magnezone
Type- Electric/Steel
Ability- Levitate “The Pokémon is immune to most Ground-type moves.”
Mega Stone- Magnezite
Description- "Mega Evolution has split Magnezone’s body back into three separate components that are connected by the central body’s electromagnetic field, a field which is strong enough to hold all of its units far above the ground even at a distance. Flakes of metal that get caught in its magnetic pull can be charged with electricity and then fired from its forward-facing magnets with the force of a cannon. When it pulls in its offshoots as closely as possible it can use it’s magnetism to launch its entire body though the air at high speeds for a short period of time."
Stats- (Updated 6/6/2016)
HP:                70 -> 70 (0)
Attack:           70 -> 100 (30)
Defense:       115 -> 135 (20)
Sp. Attack:    130 -> 150 (20)
Sp. Defense:   90 -> 90 (0)
Speed:            60 -> 90 (30)
Total:            535 -> 635 (100)

[Blank BG Version]

This idea started very simply, I saw someone on the web suggest that Mega Magnezone should receive Levitate as an Ability and that seemed like a pretty ideal choice for it... Maybe too ideal? I mean Levitate would remove it’s only double weakness and leave it only fearing Fire & Fighting-Type moves as well as Pokemon with Mold Breaker/Turboblaze/Teravolt (Which aren’t terribly uncommon), but Electric/Steel-types still have a ton of resistances. However most Mega Evolutions tend to straddle the line of being outright game-breaking anyway so there's no reason not to go for it.

However just to be safe, a number of Magnezone's new stat points get put into Attack (Rather than something it could get more use out of like Sp. Attack) to lessen the blow of its auspicious new ability. It receives a Speed boost because of the new more dynamic-looking design… This is what Magnezone would be like if it embraced its UFO resemblance and became a more mobile threat. That’s why it’s designed to look more alien and aggressive, like a living space ship made of magnets probably should be. Nonetheless base 90 is far from remarkable for a Mega Evolution...

I’d like to state for the record that this isn’t what I think an official Mega Magnezone would be like from a gameplay perspective or even what I think it should be like. This is just an experimental attempt at an idea that sounded interesting to explore.

--I don't own either Pokemon or Magnezone, they belong to Nintendo/Creatures Inc/GAME FREAK Inc--

Please do not re-post this design on Tumblr for any reason, if you want it on your blog it can be reblogged here or from my Art Blog!

If you are interested in posting it elsewhere, please go ahead and ask first :thanks:

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KajiAtsui Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017
Hi, I started a project involving Fake Megas (Mega Evo SpriteDex), basically it's a compilation of Fanmade Mega evolutions in sprite form. And I would like to add your Mega Magnezone. Can I sprite him?
DubiousDerringer Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017   General Artist
Go for it

I just ask to be credited for the design of course
KajiAtsui Featured By Owner Edited Feb 14, 2017
Thanks, already added. -> Mega Evo SpriteDex
Sorry, I forgot to mention the credit part Sweating a little... 
The credits of your work are in the image (below the sprite) and in the description, as well as refer back to this work.
DubiousDerringer Featured By Owner Edited Feb 14, 2017   General Artist
Good work!

I figured you would give credit anyway, but I just wanted to be thorough and ask to avoid confusion :) (Smile) 
KajiAtsui Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :D

I was testing a new approach, and I forgot about this (important) part. xp
I'll remember the next time. 
Roflmao-the-Clown Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
This looks so dangerous, I love it. 
DubiousDerringer Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016   General Artist
Hidden by Owner
karlleungkm Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016
On a side note, that design is pretty fantastic. Just the right amount of changes to the design without making it as drastic as an actual evo. Not sure about what's with the zig-zag at the front of the face (it looks like Durant's pincers to me lol), but otherwise I can actually envision this as an actual mega.
DubiousDerringer Featured By Owner Edited Jun 6, 2016   General Artist
Thank you, I tried my best to exaggerate and accentuate parts of Magnezone's design rather than add new features like other designs I've seen. The "mouth" is probably the only part that isn't based on anything from the original Pokemon so I can see how it might stand out.
WhatsInAName99 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You should work for Nintendo because your mega design is better and more creative and well thought out than some of theirs.  
DubiousDerringer Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016   General Artist
Haha well that's very nice of you to say!
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